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  • Chicago Cutlery MagnaSharp Magnetic Mouse Knife Sharpener

    Chicago Cutlery MagnaSharp Magnetic Mouse Knife Sharpener

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    Chicago Cutlery's MagnaSharp Mouse removes the guesswork from knife sharpening by controlling the angle of exposure to the ceramic rods inside. Featuring an exterior made from durable molded plastic, its playful design combines the ergonomic ease of a computer mouse with simple, safe pull-through technology. Simply slide any fine-edged knife or scissor blade through the sharpening slot while applying a slight downward pressure; repeated three to five times, this process re-aligns and sharpens even dull edges to like-new condition. Because the sharpening rods are on the inside, they can't be damaged when not in use. The MagnaSharp mouse is compact enough to fit in even a crowded drawer, but it also features a magnetic back for easy storage on the refrigerator, stove, or wherever you keep and use your knives. It works equally well for either left- or right-handed use. The Mouse is covered by a lifetime guarantee and is not recommended for use with serrated or scalloped edges.